Clay Play Days

The cost is R750 per workshop.

All material is included..

The workshop starts at 10h00 and ends at 13h00:

To play with clay is to open up new possibilities of doing, thinking, seeing, feeling etc

A once off clay class to make, decorate and paint or glaze a item.

Paint, glaze and firing all included. Tea and coffee are also served..

Booking for workshops is essential!

Next workshop dates:

  • 21 March - Decorating Techniques
  • 1 April - Porcelain
  • 1 May - Decorating Techniques
  • 17 June - Making glaze + glazing
  • 9 August - Slab vases
  • 24 September - Handmade mugs

On the premises is a range of shops for everyday and artistic gifts, dinnerware and sculptures. It is here that you will also find the Karoo Café, an unusual restaurant and structure with a special ambience and atmosphere that lend itself to relaxed and innovative thinking.

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