Pit Fire and Raku Workshop

R1200 per four items fired (excludes items).

Bring you own items or purchase items from our wide variety of bisque ware available.

The workshop starts at 08h00 and entails:
  • Glazing or decorating of bisque ware. (Bisque ware with grog clay in preferable.)
  • The reduction firing for raku: covering red hot pots with sawdust and scrubbing them.
  • The firing process for pitfire: wrapping up pots, packing and firing the pit.
  • Alternate firings are sometimes done during the workshop. eg. saggar or obvara
  • Vegetarian lunch is included. Bring your own drinks

Booking for workshops is essential! Contact Elza Van Dijk 071 360 2961

Next workshop dates: 10 March, 19 May, 25 August, 20 October, 1 December

On the premises is a range of shops for everyday and artistic gifts, dinnerware and sculptures. It is here that you will also find the Karoo Café, an unusual restaurant and structure with a special ambience and atmosphere that lend itself to relaxed and innovative thinking.

Raku Workshop 01
Raku Workshop 02
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